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Chiropractic Care When You Need It Most 

Flip the SwItch, Get Adjusted.

For the active and those who strive to be.

The Mission.

The Vision.

The Value.

We strive to add light in the body where there may be darkness.


It is our mission to relieve the mind, body, and soul of pain, tension, and stress through top tier chiropractic care.

Meet The Doc

Meet DR. TIM jones

Growing up with a holistic background and meeting with a recruiter two months before graduating undergrad, I knew that my hands were destined to impact the world. After much research, I decided chiropractic aligned with my views of healthcare as I longed to help my older disabled sister.

After much resistance, I attended a chiropractic event and knew chiropractic chose me.

As a graduate of Life University, I learned that the muscular structure is just as important as the spine. Understanding this of the body allows me to be in tune with my patients and understand their needs to better serve them.

Through my experience in chiropractic care, I've been fortunate to care for personal injury, sports, and wellness patients. I have focused my approach on soft tissue mobilization, biomechanics, and chiropractic manipulation. 

At our office, we focus on educating our patients. I am committed to reaching those who are aware (or unaware) of the importance of correcting misalignments to become believers of improving their health. 



We want to ensure you receive the best care for your needs.

This is why we offer two Signature treatment options:

How it Works

The SWITCH Chiropractic Adjustment

Appointment may include:

  • Chiropractic Analysis

  • Functional Movement Screening

  • Chiropractic Adjustment Instruments

  • Recommended Home Care


*Each patient's treatment will vary.

The SWITCH Combo Treatment

includes Chiropractic Adjustment + Soft Tissue Mobilization

Appointment may include:

  • Massage

  • Graston Technique

  • Taping

  • TENS Unit 

  • Cupping 

  • Recommended Home Care


*Each patient's treatment will vary.

CARING. Compassionate. 


What Our Patients Say...

"I never believed in chiropractors until I came here. It was just a bunch of witch doctors & hocus pocus. They made a believer out of me in 2 visits! I now drive from Decatur to Woodstock just to see him! It's worth it.

He listened to my needs and actually took what I said into account! The way he speaks about the treatment is easy to follow and understand. What he does actually works!

I have rarely had a medical professional make me feel like I matter to them. Here, I genuinely feel appreciated not only as a customer, but as a person with needs. That's Why I drive 1hr and 45min to see him.  I feel I can trust him."

William Johnston

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